New Is Now Is The Future

History isn’t what it used to be.

I’m into the new and the now, but the new and the now has changed with instant transmission. Nothing goes out of style as we revive the dead and bring it into the future, all dressed up and living here with us. With six billion plus people on the planet, there’s always a large enough group to keep any meme alive.

Swing, goth, mods. Bluegrass, surf, doo-wop. Greek and Roman gods, golden age science fiction, the life story of your deceased relative. Thylacines, ancient egyptian genes, australopithecines. Everything which once was will be extant again.

This is exactly what I would expect to see as we near the Singularity‘s slope to infinity: history and culture collapsing from both past and future to the hot flash point of Now. This is why I find it relevant to blog about older books, like Heinlein’s and Rucker’s works. They’re not only still useful for minds today, they’re becoming more useful by the second.